WinLock Pro

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#1 Executable Protection.

A comprehensive security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers and office workstations.

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Standard / Professional

The security solution that works!


System restrictions

Disable taskbar, desktop, clipboard, control panel, safe mode, and more…

Time-limited access

Control how long your children can use the computer.

Restrict Start Menu

Hide the selective Start menu items, block context menus.

Control Internet access

Allow access to the trusted sites only, and block all others.

Software filter

Block access to the downloaders, games, messaging clients, or CD burners.

Kiosk mode

Lockdown security for ATMs, terminals and public-access computers.

Installation blocking

Prevent users from installing the software, block unwanted programs.


Hide your system and network drives and block access to flash drives and DVDs.

Instant Lock

Hide any program on your screen with one click, block unsigned applications.

Mouse and keyboard

Block hotkeys and mouse buttons, disable drag and drop.


Monitor any changes to the system and write these changes to the log file.


Lock desktop, disable wallpapers, protect desktop icons.


Block virtually any application or any part of it: window, popup message, dialog box.

E-mail reports

Inform about executed programs, deleted files and blocked websites.

One-button protection

Click one button to lock workstations the way you want.






  • Hide Start Menu
  • Block Desktop
  • Disable Hotkeys
  • Disable Control Panel
  • Block Executables
  • Time-Limited Access
  • Kiosk Mode

WinLock is suitable for a wide range of computer security tasks

Stop other users of your computer from peeking into your personal files. Allow specific users to run a program while denying it to others.

WinLock lets you quickly enable or disable the protection via a hot key

You can choose a specific keyboard combination and quickly enable or disable protection of your computer.

WinLock is easy to use

WinLock sports one of the most intuitive user interfaces, that makes it easy to use by both novice users and computer professionals.

WinLock is not a toy

WinLock is used by large corporations and small businesses, schools and police departments, universities and libraries (to name a few).

WinLock is widely used

Hundreds of thousands of copies of WinLock have been downloaded by computer users from virtually all countries of the world.

WinLock will save you hours of learning time

You don’t have to learn how to use the group policies, user groups, and privileges, because WinLock does the hard work for you.

WinLock runs on a wide range of platforms

From Windows 2000 to Windows 11, with all service packs and updates, all are supported by WinLock.

WinLock is extensible

You can fine-tune the access rules by creating appropriate security profiles.

WinLock is actively maintained

Since the first release, we’ve been continuously extending, enhancing, and improving WinLock.

WinLock Professional

All features of WinLock and much more!

Powerful security solution that protects your computer against unauthorized use. All-in-one solution that enables you to control security aspects of Windows on a very low level.

Smart restrictions

Create different protection schemes for each account in a multiple-user environment. For each user, WinLock will activate only the selected restrictions.

Internet restrictions

Internet Explorer restrictions and website content filters suited to control and protect Internet access. Supports most of known browsers.

USB authentication

Access WinLock in a secure way by USB flash drive. Turn any USB drive into protection key for WinLock.

Parental control

Limit access to untrusted and questionable websites. Keep your kids safe on the Internet.


Take desktop and webcam snapshots at a specified time.

Guest password

Using it, users can unlock the system without entering the master password.

Remote control

Lock, capture snapshots, apply restrictions remotely from PC or mobile.

Data protection

Block access to selected files, folders and applications.

Onscreen timer

Display the remaining time on digital clock display.

Removable devices

Flexible access to flash drives, network and removable devices.

Executable protection

Password protect programs and applications.

Priority support

A personalized level of service for customers seeking technical help.

NO TIME TO WASTE WinLock is easy to use and fast to deploy. Everything included, no special requirements. You are in control.

WinLock Remote Administrator

Instant and powerful network security solution. Access WinLock clients via network, lock remote workstations, take snapshots, log user activities, and apply security restrictions remotely by means of easy-to-use interface.

Manage WinLock settings on-the-fly.

Enable, disable, or pause protection.

Send pop-up messages and notifications.

Shutdown, lock, or reboot the remote computer.

Record user activities on remote workstation.

Take snapshots of remote desktop or webcam.

Scan network for active WinLock clients.

Run programs on remote clients.

Hide any program on remote PC.


Being a client-server application, Remote Administrator allows administrator to control the network installations of WinLock without leaving the computer.

With comprehensive encrypted protocol Remote Administrator allows fast and secure communication between multiple machines and can be safely deployed in any environment.

An easy-to-use graphical user interface provides consistent information about remote clients, remote management, and security restrictions. New clients can be added to the list on-the-fly, and be controlled remotely, with extreme ease.

Get the full control over remote clients!

License Variants Activated for Windows , License for Windows , Genuine License KEY
Product Variants WinLock Professional , WinLock RA-EL-10 , WinLock RA-EL-100 , WinLock RA-EL-25 , WinLock RA-EL-50 , WinLock Standard

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Best Security for your data and device. encrypt your data, amazing feature.

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